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Save lives and fight poverty



Help women survive cervical cancer, save girls from child marriage, provide young people with the right practical training to enter labor market.
In the last month alone, we screened over 580 women and found 36 women positive with the HPV virus – which causes cancer – and these women were immediately treated. The biggest challenge we are facing is being able to identify the cancer at its early stages: many women come for treatment when it is already too late and very little can be done for them.
Acayo Kerobinah, Cefarh Director of Health Operations

Our structure is simple

We know that when making a donation you want that every single cent counts and this is why our operating structure is simple.

We are all Ugandans

We are all Ugandans, we love our Country and we are committed to make it a healthier and safer place.

We love to share our progress

You can reach us via email info@cefarh.org to know how we are using donations and subscribe to our newsletter to keep in contact.

Donate to make a difference

We accept one-time and recursive donations through GlobalGiving, an online platform that provides safe and reliable fundraising tools to nonprofit organizations. You can donate with your Credit Card or PayPal account.
Should you prefer to donate via bank wire transfer, see our contact page for information.

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