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Visits from our partners

Global Fund for Children visit on 14-15th October 2022

Global Fund for Children partners with local organizations around the world to help children and youth reach their full potential and advance their rights. In the fight for children’s rights, Global Fund for Children champions bold ideas that would otherwise go unheard. They are the only global nonprofit dedicated to discovering, funding, and coaching truly community-based organizations that empower children and youth.

They take smart risks that others won’t, partnering with innovative organizations that fight the odds in places like slums, refugee camps, and rural villages. They provide a crucial link, connecting community leaders with the professional services and support they need to succeed.

By walking alongside their partners and helping them to develop and thrive, Global Fund for Children is building a future where all children and youth are safe, strong, and valued. 

CEFARH among 9 other organizations was supported by the Global Fund for Children under the Partnership to Educate All Children (PEAK) Initiative, funded by Lego Foundation. 

PEAK Initiative aims to integrate learning through play, to mobilize and sustain 6-12yo children to school for primary education. At Cefarh we implement access to inclusive, quality, and sustainable primary education through traditional dance and community theater in and out of school in Northern Uganda.

Global Fund for Children visited Cefarh for a two days workshop, aimed at assessing and strengthening our organization. We worked together from the 14th to the 15th October, doing a thorough assessment of our organizational capacity index, working to improve our areas of weakness and sustain our areas of strength.

We learned a lot:

  • uniting and working as one team in the organization 
  • being transparent and having expectations that help grow the organization
  • understanding the organizational structure and procedure of work

Now CEFARH has improved its work, adaptation, and youth engagement capacities.

Hella Foundation visit on 19th October 2022

Haella Foundation is a donor organization founded in Netherland that supports grassroots community-based organizations. Last year Haella supported Cefarh foundation Uganda through Tools4change Netherland, sending us several assorted hand tools for mechanics and carpentry work, that we used to run the vocational training for school dropouts –  both boys and girls.

This month Haella director, madam Elisa, and her colleague Hilda came to Uganda to visit various organizations they had funded. We had a meeting on 18th evening together with other organizations, and we built the premises for greater involvement of Haella family in Northern Uganda.

Then Haella staff came to visit Cefarh vocational center on 19th October 2022: they had a wonderful interaction with the girls and staff, with discussions about a better future and encouragement from the director of Haella. She was pleased with what the girls are doing and happy to see that the tools she sponsors are used by the right people.

The team had a great moment with the women’s saving group; these are women supported by CEFARH with a project aimed at women’s empowerment and financial education of children, supported by CANWELO investment limited.