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Ogwang Simon


Simon is a dedicated young man committed to serving people in need.


He went through Medical Studies and then he learned project planning and management at Gulu University.
In 2010, after more than 7 years spent in the admin, financial and accounting departments of NGOs, he founded Cefarh foundation Uganda together with his friend Mora.
At that time, Cefarh operated as a community organization focused on addressing the effects of war in northern Uganda districts.

Simon and Mora were leaders of Cefarh till April 2020 when MORA died of COVID19.

Personal story

Born in one of the poorest families within the Region he made his way thanks to the support of well-wishers and donors. He was deeply affected by the 24 years of the riot in northern Uganda. Because of the suffering he went through and because of his personal story of social redeem, he decided to call himself “canwelo” which in LUO language means “the poverty is a visitor, not a permanent situation”. With this mantra in his mind, he decided to commit himself to change the story of other young people.