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We strive for a Country free from child torture, child marriage and gender based violence. We work everyday for the health and rights of the most vulnerable in our society. We want their rights respected and their quality of life improved.


Founded in 2010 by a group of Ugandan medical students, CEFARH (Centre For Adolescent Reproductive Health) works to be a voice for the voiceless and the oppressed.

We started with the aim of helping young people affected by HIV/AIDS, reducing teenage pregnancy and decreasing child marriage.
Activities and scope of the organization broadened during the years: child marriage and teenage pregnancy are still pillars of our work and we added other projects to improve population overall quality of life.



Provide appropriate opportunities to enable people – especially young women, people with disabilities and children – to take control of their bodies and lives, have their rights respected and improve their quality of life so they can live to their fullest potential.


We are Ugandans

We are Ugandans,
we love our community and we work at grassroots level.

Everyday in the field

We work everyday in the field. Each of us is directly involved in our projects, living side by side to the people who need help.

Simple organization

Our organizational structure is simple, cut to the bone: we want that every part of every single penny goes for our project.

Small but not alone

We can be small but we are not alone: CEFARH is a member of Girl not Brides and a Regional member of NUNGOA (Northern Uganda Non Governmental Organization).
We also work in partnership with CCYD Malawy


In the past years we:
  • led the national campaign on child marriage;
  • championed grassroots advocacy on law reforms on comprehensive sexuality education;
  • boosted resource allocation to Sexual Reproduction Health and Right (SRHR) services and program for young people;
  • increased awareness and comprehensive knowledge on SRHR among young people, gatekeepers and key influencers;
  • increased access and utilization of friendly and age appropriate SRHR services among young people;
  • partnered Church leaders in the efforts to reduce unsafe abortions and maternal deaths occurring as a result of obstetric complications from abortions;
  • got Church Leaders and Traditional Leaders promote access and use of family planning services and products to young women;
  • modified and refined cultural religious beliefs that create barriers on access and use of family planning services and products by girls and young women.

Let's keep in contact

We respect your privacy and we will use your email only to keep you updated on our projects in Uganda.