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Presenting the Alessandra Technical and Vocational Institute

We are thrilled to share a bold decision and exciting progress made possible by all those who support us.

We just launched a social enterprise, the Alessandra Technical and Vocational Institute. Through education and youth empowerment, this institute aims to be a beacon of hope for vulnerable youth in northern Uganda.

our team at Alessandra Technical and Vocational Institute

We named the institute after one of our Italian friends because her support during a challenging time in 2021 kept us alive.

How it works

The Alessandra Technical Institute is a boarding technical institute equipped with modern electrical equipment, machines, and tools. We also had the help of the Ruben Fernandes Association and the Ubuntu Leaders Academy in Portugal to buy a training car to learn mechanics.

The training car we had thanks to the Ruben Fernandes Association

We offer courses in tailoring, carpentry, motor mechanics, electrical installation, and plumbing to our young students. The school is independent and managed by Cefarh Foundation Uganda: we welcome students from any part of the country, based only on their merit and will to study.

With experienced teachers and a commitment to creating job creators and entrepreneurs, we aim to generate income for the organization while addressing the urgent issue of youth unemployment

How You Can Help

While we’ve made great strides since our opening, we are currently facing challenges. We currently have 30 enthusiastic students but lack sufficient beds and classroom chairs for an optimal learning environment.

By helping us secure beds and classroom furniture, you contribute to these young minds’ success and our social enterprise’s growth.

Together, we can keep more youth off the streets and empower them with valuable skills.

If you can, please consider these ways to support us: