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Short stories from child mothers

My name is Akello Fiona. I am from lira and I was married at the age of 16 from primary 4 in a place called kwania and I gave birth at the age of 17 when I was unable to do any thing to support my self.
My husband could drink all day and night, leaving me to suffer at home and with a lot of beating and torture beside my pregnancy. No food to eat, when thing became so tough the boy left me in the house and ran to town.
I had to return back to my parent house because there was no option of what to do and where to go.

From our home my father left us with our mother for another woman and the trauma and stress made our mother to just resort into drinking leaving us to struggles for our own way.
That where I realize have lost everything my education, dignity and face of the community from there I had nothing to provide to my 1 year old child.
One day CEFARH team were doing some focus group discussion with opinion leaders in my village that where I approach one of them with my load of problem later he said that he will discussion it with the official and get back to me. After a week they came and show our home, counsel me and am now enrolled for the vocational skilling for me to get skills and be self-reliance.
After finishing am happy that am now ok I don’t cry daily like before I can now have soap to was our clothes and food for by baby.

Glory be to CEFARH and the team for rescuing me I pray they do it more to others as well.