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Skilling school dropout adolescents for self-reliance

Our Foundation works to be a voice for the voiceless and the oppressed: we started with the aim of helping young people affected by HIV/AIDS, reducing teenage pregnancy, and decreasing child marriage, and we added other projects to improve the overall quality of life of our people.

We are contributing to the resilience process of Northern Uganda, an intervention coming at a time that the region, which suffered from over twenty years of Lord’s Resistance Army Insurgency, still demands livelihood supports, education and psychosocial support in order to avert the community vulnerability in the course of sustainable societal transformation.

The Skilling of School Drop Out and Adolescents for Self-Reliance project

The Skilling of School Drop Out and Adolescents for Self-Reliance (SSDASR) project was initiated in July 2019 as a livelihood intervention targeting 200 youths in Kole district where youth are offered practical vocational skills necessary for their absorption into the current world’s labor market. 

The idea is that upon completion of the training each of 200 youth will form and train a group of 10 to 15 other youth; in this setting, a minimum of 2200 youth will be reached and trained in hairdressing, tailoring and garment cutting, motorcycle repair.

CEFARH believes that every little cent used to fulfill the above goals contributes much to changing the lives of youth and vulnerable communities.

We are recruiting now

At this moment Cefarh is recruiting new students for the phase two vocational training in hairdressing, tailoring and liquid soap making. 

The training will last one month and will be paid partly by the community, partly by Cefarh, on a cost-share schema where the community will pay 200,000 and Cefarh covers the remaining balance.